General Sessions

The Reeher Perspective: A Look at Community Performance Presentation Video Available Soon
Insights on Gift Office Lifecycle and Retention Presentation Video Available Soon

Breakout Sessions

Building an Effective Campaign Plan Presentation
Direct Marketing Performance in Annual Giving Presentation Video Available Soon
Understanding the Vista Benchmark Report Presentation
Effective Proposal Management to Improve Your Productivity Presentation
Maximizing Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Programs Presentation Video Available Soon
Leveraging the Reeher Fundraising Maturity Model for Your Institution Presentation
Developing and Retaining Your Top Talent Presentation Video Available Soon
Calling All Sports Fans! Top Performers in Athletics-Based Fundraising Presentation
Prospect Research for Smaller Institutions Presentation
Are Parent Programs Worth the Investment? Presentation
Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Team via the Reeher Platform Presentation Video Available Soon
2016 Reeher Award Winners Presentation
Reeher Cost and Staffing Survey Report 2016 Presentation



We hope you enjoyed this year's Vista Executive Conference — a unique opportunity for fundraising executives and Platform champions who use the Reeher Platform to measure wins, uncover clear initiatives for the upcoming year and engage with Reeher customers, analysts and team members.

Presentations and videos of selected sessions from the 2016 conference are available for download below.