How to Improve Your Fundraising ROI

Actionable Insight for Advancement Leaders

In the current fundraising environment, many advancement professionals are required to raise more money with flat or decreasing budgets.

Is your team striving to raise more money using fewer resources?

Getting a strong return on your investment is important regardless of the size of your fundraising budget. However, Reeher Community research indicates that 66% of the best donor prospects remain unidentified and unassigned. Using cost-effective techniques to discover who these potential donors are and smart spending strategies to convert them is crucial to unlocking your ability to raise more with less. 

In this industry research report, you’ll learn:

  • How to use behavioral segmentation to identity the prospects most likely to donate. 
  • Where to find previously unknown or unassigned prospects with a high probability of donating.   
  • Effective and cost-conscious ways to approach donors in each segment.
  • How to get the best return on the money you spend fundraising. 

Download the Research Report